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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Safety Auditing Course by Alegra Safety to Improve Safety Management

Alegra Safety

A business can never overlook the health and safety measures within the premise. Whether it is high hazards or low risk, you should make sure that your organization has a comprehensive health and safety policies and procedures. If you are looking to streamline and improve your workplace's health and safety management system, train a member of your own staff over a dependable Health and Safety Course Perth can be a right decision to take into the consideration.

That's where, “Alegra Safety” comes into the light offering a comprehensive and industry oriented Safety Auditing Course and training to train industry professionals. We aim to provide training over the health and safety related courses that suits to the organization's specific requirements. The offered auditor training will gear your employees to undertake a proficient health and safety audit of your organization’s needs and to help them, ensuring all the safety policies have been implemented and resources allocated as per industry compliance.

You can also consult with us for all your Safety Consultancy requirements. Our mission is to train and produce a member of staff who can become your own fully trained and qualified in-house auditor. We promote a safe and secure environment that inspires employees to work confidently. To explore our offered courses, log on to

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